Wednesday, September 23, 2015

talks at ekoparty security conference 2015 #eko11

 We are pleased to announce the list of talks that we'll have at #eko11


  • Winter is Coming - Iván Arce - Argentina


  • Vot.Ar: una mala eleccion - Iván Ariel Barrera Oro - Argentina
  • Breaking Vault - Fernando Russ  - Argentina
  • Crozono: Cracking the security perimeter with drones - Pablo Romanos & Sheila Berta - Argentina
  • Fuzzing browsers for finding exploitable bugs - Nicolas Trippar - Argentina
  • Windows SMEP bypass: U=S - Nicolas Economou & Enrique Nissim - Argentina
  • IR transformation synthesis for assembly instructions - Sebastian Fernandez - Argentina
  • SSL certs massive analysis and medical device/app fingerprinting with netdb - Bertin Bervis - Costa Rica
  • Recovering SAP RFC Credentials from Network Traffic - Emiliano Fausto - Argentina
  • Exploiting GSM and RF to Pwn your Phone -  Manuel Moreno & Francisco Cortes - Chile
  • Faux Disk Encryption: Realities of Secure Storage on Mobile Devices - Drew Suarez & Daniel Mayer - USA
  • Hackeando Carros en Latinoamerica - DragonJAR - Colombia
  • Learn about the enemy - Moonbeom Park - Korea del Sur
  • Satellite TV Receivers: from remote control to root shell - Sofiane Talmat - Algeria
  • System updates, Attack and Defense -  Sofiane Talmat - Algeria
  • The Console Gaming AppSec Model - Conor Walsh - USA
  • Warranty Void If Label Removed: Attacking MPLS Networks - Georgi Geshev - United Kingdom
  • Why app stores cannot be trusted: ROP as a Service - Marc Blanchou - USA
  • Secure DevOps is possible: How osquery is built - Javier Marcos & Teddy Reed - España & USA   
We already started to upload all this talks to the web all with their description and speaker bios. They are going to be available at the speakers section..

We'll be finish with the workshops list soon!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Pre CTF #eko11

The ekoparty Pre-CTF 2015 is a competition targeted for all the enthusiasts and computer security professionals out there trying to put their skills to the test! The idea of the pre-competition is to serve as a bit of a warm-up for the CTF at this year's ekoparty .The pre-competition consists of a diverse set of challenges from different categories that must be solved. Each challenge is scored and the participant with the most points at the end of the competition will be named the winner.

The proposed categories are:

  • Web application security
  • Reverse engineering
  • Exploiting
  • Cryptography
  • Miscellaneous (challenges that do not fit into the above categories)

Prize - The Top 5 will receive a free ticket to the ekoparty 2015 event (+ goodies).

  1. The pre CTF it's jeopardy like on line game, accessible from internet, lasts one week ( from September 12 to 19  GMT -3)
  2. The pre CTF can be played by teams or individuals
  3. The prize is the honour. But there is also one conference ticket + t shirt + ekoparty mug
  4. The prize may only be claimed by one individual, not every team member. The top 5 on the ranking will receive prizes.
  5. The player must provide a real point of contact for future notifications and claiming the prize.
  6. The player must provide a write-up with the solutions to be able to claim the prize.
  7. The write-up must be provided up to two days after the end of the game.
  8. The players who misbehave will be immediately disqualified:
    • Sharing solutions
    • Attack computers or applications that where not designed for the contest
    • Attack other players
    • Brute force attacks
  9. The players are qualified according their score and speed
  10. For any question you can reach us at #ekoparty

  Register to play at

The  NULL Life team has won ekoparty CTF and now they made their own. Thanks you! @NullLifeTeam