Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ekoparty 2013 brand new Sponsors

We are proud to announce ekoparty´s brand new Sponsors for this ninth edition!
We would like to give them a warm welcome to all of them, and thank them for supporting us, once more!  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Winners of ekoparty´s Challenge 2013

Now, after a careful revision of all the answers we got by mail, we can finally announce the winners of ekoparty´s Challenge 2013!
Our most sincere congratulations to Martín Conte, Nicolás Trippar and Sebastián Fernández, who were able to solve the challenge with infinite patience and dedication. Each of them has become the owner of a free pass to ekoparty 2013. 

Also, we would like to mention Cristian Armendares, Alexis Charytonow and Juan Amendares. Even if niether of them was able to get to the final result of the challenge, this three guys were "this" close to get there!

And one more thing! We would like you all to be "alert", because the online registration for the CTF will be opening really soon. This year, the signing-up will be compulsory in order to be able to play the game during the conference. 

Once again, we want to thank all the participants, and remind you that we are expecting you in this year´s ekoparty, to keep on facing new challenges!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

ekoparty Challenge 2013

An "exclusive" post for adventurers...  

¿Wouldn´t it be boring to live without challenges? So, if ekoparty is a place where you come to have the best time...¿Don´t you feel tempted to find one right there? 
If you are an adventurer, and you do like challenges, you can start warming up your engines...because here we present "ekoparty Challenge 2013".

The aim:

The aim of the game is to search for 3 flags, one for each of the 3 challenges. Then, once you have found the 3 flags, you must write a document where you will explain the procedure you followed to get the 3 of them. 
Once your written document is ready, you must send it to challenge2013@ekoparty.org


There is a deadline to send the document, which has been set on Wednesday September 11th, 2013 (meaning documents will be received until the last minute of that day).
IMPORTANT: This game can only be played INDIVIDUALLY. 

The Prize:

Each of the first 3 people to solve the 3 challenges correctly, will get one free ticket for the conference ekoparty 2013.

The Challenges

Challenge 1 giveme.pcap (SHA1: 123d18471a2e128dea10e8c6807c70604e14c78f)
Hint: none

Challenge 2http://
Hint: none

Challenge 3infected.rar (SHA1: a1fb38871de9837d66d33d1ee9347b55cba50746)
Hint: none


Special thanks to the authors of the Challenge, Rubén Molina and Fernando Quintero