Thursday, August 29, 2013

Selection of Talks 2013

Finally, after many days of intense and exhausting debate, the ´Great Jury´ reached a verdict...

Here, we offer the final list of the talks you will get to enjoy during the ekoparty, and the corresponding speakers:
  • "BIOS Chronomancy", by Corey Kallenberg, John Butterworth and Xeno Kovah
  • "Atacando IPv6 con Evil FOCA", by Chema Alonso
  • "Debuggers are really powerful - Pwning all of the Android things", by Mathew Rowley
  • "Defeating Signed BIOS Enforcement", by Corey Kallenberg, John Butterworth, Sam Cornwell, and Xeno Kovah)
  • "Compromising Industrial Facilities From 40 Miles Away", by Lucas Apa y  Carlos Mario Penagos
  • "Shoulder Surfing 2.0", by Federico Pacheco
  • "Do you know who's watching you?: An in-depth examination of IP cameras attack surface", by nahuel riva and Francisco Falcon
  • "ERP Security: How hackers can open the safe and take the jewels", por Ezequiel Gutesman and Jordan Santarsieri
  • "How I met ZynOS. A journey from compromised router to Zyxel’s OS internals", by Alexander Markov
  • "Sentinel", por Nicolas Alejandro Economou
  • "All your sextapes are belong to us", by Matías A. Ré Medina and Patricio Palladino
  • "Weighing in on Issues with ´Cloud Scale´: Hacking the Withings WS-30", by Michael Coppola
  • "Uncovering your trails. Privacy issues of bluetooth devices", by Verónica Valeros and Sebastián García
  • "Droid Rage, Android exploitation on steroids", by Agustín Gianni and Pablo Solé
  • "Ahí; va el Capitán Beto por el espacio", by Gera Richarte
  • "A symbolic execution engine for amd64 binaries", by Felipe Manzano
  • "String Allocations in Internet Explorer", byr Chris Valasek
This same List, with detailed information on each talk, will be shortly be available in our web page.
Once again, we want to thank all those that have sent your work to the ´Call for Papers´, and we encourage you to keep up with your research and work in order to participate once more in our conference next edition!


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