Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Biquad WiFi Antennas build Lab

As we get closer to September 16 / 17, we'll be publishing in our blog all parallel activities that will be available during this new edition of ekoparty security conference

Biquad WiFi Antennas build Lab objective is every assistant have the opportunity to set up their own Biquad WiFi antenna.

You will see flexible, light , cheap, easy to assemble, and high gain antenna models. Designate for the lady or gentleman's pocket. During the ekoparty there will be an area destinated to the construction of antennas, coordinated by the ekoparty organizers.
In 30 minutes you will have your own antenna to take home or even better, to use in the Oficial Wardriving!

There will be kits on sale also, in case you don't bring the necessary materials. Prices will be low, don't worry about it, the idea is to spend a nice time and broadcast this passioned activity.

"MatesLab" hackspace will be leading this activity. They are from Mar del Plata City (Buenos Aires sea coast), you remember Sebastián García for sure, he belongs to this group and during ekoparty 2008 edition he presented the paper: "Tell how you attack and I will tell you who you are".


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