Monday, July 12, 2010

KONEX will be the Event Location for ekoparty 2010!

Ciudad Cultural KONEX was confirmed as the location of the ekoparty Security Conference

Ciudad Cultural KONEX building was built in 1920 and used as a factory and oils depot till 1992. Years later it was acquired to create the Ciuidad Cultural Konex and make a model of cultural activity in our country. Estudio Clorindo Testa & Asociados was the responsible for transforming the old oil factory into a cultural space keeping intact the original architectural details of that time.

Today the complex occupies much of the old property surface with a refurbishment of its facilities where coexist and interrelate all kind of artistic expressions with the common goal of providing a cultural and artistic enrichment to the community.

This year, ekoparty will have an extra room of this incredible place.


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  2. As many of you probably know Infobyte is one of the co-organizers of the ekoparty, the biggest offensive cyber security conference in Latin America

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